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About the Author

Angie Seltzer is the author of the student-friendly goals on this site. She designs and develops mathematics curriculum materials that are available from TeachersPayTeachers, TeachersNotebook, TeachersDojo, and other sites. Angie also tutors mathematics to students of all ages. She and her husband live near Dayton, Ohio.

Background & Curriculum Experience

  • Extensive past experience for major educational publishers as writer, editor, or consultant for both "reform" and traditional math textbooks and supplements for grades K-12

  • Highly familiar with K-8 state math standards and assessments; has analyzed and compiled numerous comparison documents and correlations for major publishers

  • Supervisory experience in writing, editing, and programming of practice and assessment items for computerized test banks for major publishers

  • Thousands of hours of independent tutoring for students in elementary grades through college, including tutoring for GED, SAT, ACT, SSAT, and GRE.

  • For use with private tutoring, Angie has written thousands of mathematics practice and assessment questions. She has also written hundreds of game card sets.

  • Master's Degree in Mathematics Education.

  • Licensed in Ohio to teach Elementary 1-8 and Mathematics 7-12.
Angie Seltzer

Angie has extensive curriculum planning, writing, and assessment experience for elementary and middle school mathematics.